Our research currently provides results in the form of new knowledge, which is generally published in specialized scientific journals. In addition, the multi-disciplinary character of our team of researchers and collaborators has been used to transfer some of these results into useful applications for medical. In 2010, some members of the group founded Apeiron Medical, a start-up company which to date has commercialized the COOLINSIDE patented technology, a radiofrequency- based sealing dissector for surgical resection. Our team is actively engaged in translational medicine with the aim of moving new ideas from bench to bedside.

The combination of posterior and anterior division of the liver parenchyma without previous hilar dissection is actually feasible and could facilitate the intrahepatic transection of large Glissonean pedicles. Energy-based technology (Coolinside and other) could make all this procedure easier.


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This publication has been awarded the price for "Excellence in surgical research Lino Torre"

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