Our goal

Metablate is a long-term project involving different research groups which work together towards the development of new medical devices based on ablative therapies. Ablative therapies based on energy employ some type of energy (laser, microwave, radiofrequency or ultrasound) to destroy or alter the biological tissue in a safe way to achieve a particular therapeutic purpose.
Our scientific goal is to obtain a better understanding of biophysical phenomena involved in ablative therapies based on energy. These phenomena include electrical interaction between energy and biological tissues, along with tissue thermal response. We hope the scientific knowledge will improve the safety and performance of current medical procedures and could also suggest the development of new medical devices.

How we do

Our research use different complementary methodologies, from mathematical models to clinical trials.

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Who we are

We are a multidisciplinar team of researchers and students working towards the development of new techniques and devices based on ablative therapies.

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Our results

To date, we have worked in the following medical areas: surgical oncology, cardiology and cardiac surgery, refractive surgery, and dermatology.

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This research is currently funded by the
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - Gobierno de España.
Grant Ref: TEC2014-52383-C3-R

Date last modified: 10-Ene-2023